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>> coming up, the country music world reacting to the sudden death of singer mindy mccready. she killed yourself. and your yourself >> a family pleads for help in accused the driver of of hitting and killing their one outside a metro station. what police are saying about the case. >> and this version of the
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.shake "good morning washington" at 5:00 begins now. >> >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it's monday, february 18. i am cynne simpson. >> i am scott thuman. as weto have you along off this work week. it will be cold. talking about the temperatures in the single with the wind chill. that's all you need to know. it is bitterly cold this morning. approaching dangerous levels chill factor, so dle up. 12 degrees is the temperature feels at dulles. it feels like 16 at reagan 8 in gaithersburg, feelinggaithersburg not
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like 18 degrees. the weather forecast has that it will be a cold start. but it will look great with the today, aroundne degrees. a tricky start on tuesday with a wintry mix tomorrow. more details on that in a few minutes. traffic.t's check on bade sullivan, you are not you?for us, are >> let's start with metro rail. on saturday schedule. between 295 is closed nrl.olm x and the and in gaithersburg is a crash on 355 at cedar avenue, blocking directions because of a building fire. you want to avoid that area. southbound 270 at falls road,
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looking good. crossing the bridge, allion quiet. delays in virginia on 95. back to you. >> thank you. condolences are pouring in for the relatives of country ,usic star mindy mccready including the 10-month-old son and 6-year-old son she leaves behind. the 37-year-old singer suicide sunday and her arkansas home just weeks after himself.iend killed andrew spencer has more on the publicending to her life. was mindy mccready arriving to court in 2011 in a after going on with her young son. a year later it seemed delighted around, arned with a new man and baby. rex along struggle to regain child, who she of recentlycustody was establishing a stable with her boyfriend and then
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went in a bad direction after a kill themself. authorities have not yet case on david wilson's that. mccready claimed she had .othing to do with it >> o my god, no. he was my life. >> she struggled following his death. admitted herself into a psychiatric facility, >> she became so fearful of the stigma and the way people responded to her being hospitalized that she checked prematurely. now we have what we have. >> dr. drew treated her for three weeks several years ago. she faced early success in music, drugs and rehab. womanhave lost a lovely
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and it did not have to do happen this. also following a developing story in northeast washington. the search continues for driver behind a deadly hit-and-run. >> vista police out the noma- gallaudet u metro station. theace outside metro station. >> the young man was crossing a crosswalk when he fell down for some unknown reason. was run over by a car and stopped.ver police have no suspect or the vehicle that darnell 20-year-old christopher ross and left him to >> we have no closure. was the youngest of three boys. night's he left his family's upper marlborough home
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to spend the night in the city. e the last called mayn' was i love you. >> he volunteered his time with mentally and physically disabled. there's no reason for someone stop to see if he was alright or anything. that is dehumanizing. >> this grieving family is not only reaching out to the conscience of the driver but that make been out here saturday night. area with a new apartments and shops. they help someone sell something. reporting live in northeast washington, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> investigators and family girlrs of a young in acally injured sayheast d.c. house fire the blaze was intentional. flames broke out early sunday at home on 33rd street. the four-year-old was one of several people rescued and taken
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to the hospital. police say the homeowner attacked and threatened to kill the injured girl's mother. he's charged with assault and direct. carter will join us from washington with the investigation into what exactly caused the fire. >> a leading opponent of chuck nomination as defense says his fellow gop senators should stop stalling the vote. senator mccain says he believes hagel is not qualified to pentagon but he says the at a reasonable time to get their answered. republicans have challenged hagel's past statements israel, iran,on iraq, and nuclear-weapons. it's 22 degrees on this monday morning. >> still ahead, the latest on a neighbors found a 10-year-old wandering the
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>> good morning, washington. it's monday. a lot you don't have to work on this president's day. start, the kind of morning where you cannot get newspaper in your bare feet. put on a jacket and shoes.
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meteorologist adam caskey is in chaser.m how are you >> ? not bad on this monday morning. this. made you know mothers. 23 degrees on this president's day morning. you will notice upper teens to low 20s. carlin, 19, 18 in hagerstown. -- cumberland, 19. in manassas. we will have bright sunshine and a beautiful day. we will warm up to about 40 degrees this afternoon. with that, it's about eight
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average for this year.f another day below average in terms of temperatures. tomorrow morning, precipitation moving into town. have a wintry mix in a locations. on that in a few minutes. to traffic with jamie .ullivan let's move to traffic. we have issues. a few problems. in the district, southbound on 295 closed at malcolm x nrl due to an accident. gaithersburg on 355 at cedar lane, blocked in both with a building fire. metro rail is open. it started at 5:00 and there on schedule. and go on the beltway in virginia and maryland. 95, no delays. in about 66, no accidents. hov restrictions have been lifted today. back to you. >> thank you.
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5:12, 22 degrees on this monday morning. >> coming up, are we on the resumes reduced presu 1
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and scott thuman. this is "good morning washington," on your side.
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stories, g our top tributes are pouring in for a country singer mindy mccready. arkansas authorities say it the 37-year-old killed herself and her home. of the at the top country charts before personal career,.railed her her longtime boyfriend recently himself. investigators are looking for the driver of a car that hit and killed a man near the noma- metro station in northeast. old donald ross was crossing m street and the .rosswalk the car kept going. a young girl killed in a house fire. the four-year-old was one of people rescued from the early sundayome morning. was arrested threatenedtacked and to kill the girl's mother.
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>> chicago police are two people in the shootingth death of an 18-year-old woman. 14-year-old sisters sat on stage behind president obama earlier and push for gun control legislation. she was shot in the head. was the mother of a 3-month- old. there was a in rhode island that deaths. in survivors and family members gathered outside the side of the blaze to remember those killed. attack next four the band great as a -- the fire occurred pyrotechnics. >> a 10-year-old boy was found streets. naked
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streets. neighbors who found him say he did notrunk that realize he was naked. the caretaker was also drawn get home. out inside her found a half-empty bottle of brandy on the counter. the fourth grader was taken to hospital and is expected to be ok. >> off to a cool start. jacqui jeras might need to watch job. >> a third grader is trying his hand at forecasting the weather. >> 17 degrees in fargo. 18 degrees in fergus. >> the 9-year-old sac town to say hello to his teacher and classmates. he has become an internet hit. took time to-old hello to his teacher. >> it's quite an experience.
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the kids always loved the weather walll. start around here. >> it is a very cold start this morning. your hat and gloves. even if you are just getting the no bare feet. 24 degrees with a wind chill of 16. is the cold start we have had in several weeks. there you see the temperatures twenties, butnd chill factor down in the single digits in a few spots morning. in gaithersburg, you are the , eight place in town degrees. like 12 at dulles and 16 at reagan national. looking at the numbers, we are cooler than average. to a 84. we made it the low temperature was 26. better than this
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morning. average high is 48 with an 31.age of we will be 5 degrees ot -- to 10 degrees below average today. heat escapes back into the skies and with clear night. clouds along with thetered snow showers to north yesterday. that has cleared out. high pressure dominates. front off to the be approaching by tomorrow morning. the moisture will move in. it could start as a wintry mix. by midmorning it will change over to rein. we expect a warmer day with the wind coming out of the south. sunny skies, a 38-42 today. cloudy tonight, 29-34. wintry mix to start tomorrow. rain.ise breezy and much colder by the middle of the week. winter is not giving up any time
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soon. let's check on traffic this morning. you would think it would be a much.start, but not so >> but it's getting better. 295 has reopened. the left lane is open heading southbound between malcolm x and nrl. inbounds, no delays. hov restrictions have been lifted. 95, 395, and 66 included. 270, not much to worry about. 355 in gaithersburg is blocked of a building fire directions at cedar ave. is running on a saturday schedule. red line is single-tracking red from rhode island. the blue line has five stations closed. largo town center included. there is a shovel in place.
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back to you. >> thank you. in technology news, a major on- line company is looking at shopping malls. >> several high-tech companies from job-weets seekers. rob nelson has more. >> facebook under fire. the social network now says it victim of a sophisticated attack glassman. no user data was compromised, it says. it's as it has cleared up the infection and notified law enforcement. google is planning to open its mortar stores by next christmas. will executives still many need to getstomers .on the devices several states are considering legalizing internet wagers. several high-tech companies ould rather get your tweets resume.r
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a test on how job applicants handle social media. have a great day.
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>> welcome back. the debate over guns, prince county has put a stop to any gun shows forhe future.ble the maryland national capital planning commission decision citing uncertainty over laws.and federal weapons one gun show owner who was show and upper is upset. he says this is legal trade, not market.k >> a heads up for metro riders. trains are running on a saturday schedule today. track work could make it difficult. orange line trains are not between stadium-armory and cheverly. line trains not running between stadium-armory and largo town center. there will be shuttle buses
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available red-light. trains are single-tracking rhode island and takoma. red line trains are single- tracking. >> it's 22 degrees. the news continues at 5:30 >> . how the city of baltimore resulted economically from the
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. whoaight ahead, a singer a soaring career has ended her life. the country music industry reacts to the death of mindy mccready. good morning, washington.
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monday, february 18. i am scott thuman. >> i am cynne simpson. let's get to meteorologist jeras with a look at this day.y president's these are the coldest temperatures we have seen in several weeks across the metro. just the temperature but the wind chill factor. it is a little breezy point. it feels like 9 degrees in gaithersburg, 12 at dulles, 16 at reagan national. -- it is a little breeze 8 this morning. skies are clear. that's why it was so cold this morning. we will see some changes. will be pushing in from , but that will not happen until late tonight. today, enjoy the sunshine. degrees by 9:00, 37 at noon, at 5:00 with sunny skies. changes by tuesday.
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details on that in a moment. first, let's check on traffic sullivan. >> hov restrictions lifted. 95, 395, and 66. on a rail is running saturday schedule. in gaithersburg, there's a issue with a crash on 355 at cedar avenue, that is blocked off. 295 in the district, atre was a closure at reopened.and has it is the left side that is open. no problems on the capital beltway. in maryland and virginia. on 66, no delays, the same on a crossing the american legion bridge. back to you. >> thank you. 5:32. police need your help finding a missing woman from germantown.
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>> the 22-year-old has been gone couple weeks now. jummy olabanji has details. unk has beenll several weeks. are concernedily her emotional and physical well-being. she's 5 foot 5 and weighs 125 pounds. area.from the germantown please give montgomery county police a call if you have anything. not known what she could be wearing. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you. our other top story, fans and artists pausing to remember country singer mindy mccready. >> the 37-year-old was found dead and her arkansas home. she apparently not shot herself. of thee to the top charts in the mid-1990s personal problems.
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her longtime boyfriend commit suicide a couple weeks ago two sons were put into foster care. girl is fighting suffering from injuries from a house fire. to relatives say this might have been intentionally set. brianne carter is alive in southeast with details. -- is live. >> authorities are calling this an arson investigation. according to a police report, matches were found on the scene. trying toors are determine if if the fire was intentionally set. fire investigators are trying to firemine what started the in the southeast home that nearly claimed the life a little girl. >> i'm pretty shocked. >> early sunday morning the fire the basement and spread several. family members had to be
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rescued, including a little girl who was rushed to a hospital in critical condition. this person works with the child's mother. she's very smart, always energetic. love to see her when i come over. this is like family for me. >> authorities say after the there was one man able to escape the home. they say he was making threats against another woman in thighbone. he has been charged with making threats and assaults. no charges have been filed in connection with the fire. police are on the scene. the investigation is ongoing. reporting live in southeast, carter. >> police are trying to find out stabbed a student at maryland'sity eastern shore campus saturday during the culmination of blackstorically university's homecoming we. 21-year-old edmundas st. clair
5:36 am
of southern maryland is the victim. the stabbing was the result of a between two groups of people. >> it makes you wonder if this happen to you. or onef your friends. it is scary. >> it is such a campus that everyone is pretty close. now you have to wonder are these you?e going to hurt >> the attack was not random and the result of an ongoing dispute. searching for three unidentified suspects. gas prices still rising at a steady rate. gas prices have risen for 31 days straight. oil prices at, production cuts, and refinery closures are blamed. the national average for is $3.71 a gallon. here at home, the average price regular is $3.90 in d.c., maryland, but $3.59 in virginia.
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it is 22 degrees right now. >> we're hearing from the mother says an airline passenger toddler son and called him a racial sl
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ryanam specialist andres
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states armyted team. good morning, washington. good morning, washington. fancy tricks. it's 24 degrees, 5:39. it until factor in the teens and even a few single digits. it's the kind of day to bundle up. it will be chilly outside for some festivities today. adam caskey is in old town alexandria. >> nobody celebrates like oldn's birthday town alexandria. at 1:00 p.m. today they have their parade. about 3500 people will in the actual parade starting at 1:00 in old town at gibbon and south fairfax and just be on the market square, 1 mile down the road. it will be fun. take a look at the temperature
5:41 am
this morning. 24 degrees in old town. we are feeling february, that's for sure. temperatures below average. 19 in reston and 19 in bethesda. degrees around 20 across the vast majority of the viewing area. 24 at reagan national, 18 in culpeper. today's forecast, bright sunshine. the wind will not been whipping as yesterday. not as windy today, right sunshine, high near 40 degrees. the 1:00 through 3:00 for the parade, it will be about 38 in old town, alexandria. you will want to bundle up yourself and the kids. warmer tomorrow, but some precip is moving in. jamie, how was the commute on this holiday? terrible. issues. in gaithersburg, southbound 355, lane, it's closed at directions because of a building fire.
5:42 am
traffics at route 28, moving well. hov restrictions have been on 95, 395,rginia 66. ,n the district, at malcolm x was a closure, no one lane is open. metro is on a saturday schedule. -- now one lane is open at malcolm x. >> it is a chilly 22 degrees. cracks coming up, we will look strange fashions on disp
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he was at the forefront of rights movement in the district. the newlater, that a civil rights
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pioneer seize on the horizon for our community. at 5:00. >> a breaking story from tampa, florida. jummy? >> these are live pictures from our abc affiliate. they're working a huge off u.s. two on arms fire happening at to alarmng facility -- arm fire.wo-al they are trying to protect from catching on fire. flames and black smoke ring into the air. re wking to get more information. if there are injuries was working at the recycling facility at the time of the fire. so we are waiting for details to
5:47 am
in from florida. as soon as we get that information, we will give you an update. back to you. >> thank you. a fourth. a block pint. -- a block. >> that's kevin durant helping beat the east in game with 30star points. mvp with 20as the points and 15 assists. some of those taking part in weekend, let's make sure that they addressed to impress. they take back to a new level in cases. check out it a tnt sideline reporter. >> wow. >> the strange fashions always
5:48 am
>> and nba star darryl dawkins sharp in that suit. thunder starcity und westbrook with a coating glasses -- coat. >> peace course. >> one minute and 15 seconds, john carlson of the capitals beat the rangers goalie. the capitals off to. other races or to. long questnot solve again. the capitals winning streak on the road.
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>> . the spring >. >> bryce harper, his first campaign in the majors was impressive. the nationals left fielder was last expecting great things for himself. down with britt mchenry florida. it's every player may say it, bryce harper is out for a world series. tobringing something back d.c. is my main goal. fingereveryone every since i was 5 years old. biggest goal. is what i am gunning for. >> that's a quick look at sports. a good day, everybody. patrick is making history again. she won the daytona 500 pole.
5:50 am
that makes air the first woman secure the top spot for any race in that circuit. part the baltimore ravens are set the same cannot be said for the fans or the city. a university maryland economics says the city and at probably will not see much more than a more jumpin and off-season bragging rights. fans studies have shown have a higher being after a big victory. >> coming up at 6:00, prince coming back to the states. why he's likely not going to partying without clothing during this trip. wear.r weather outer
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>> and a car crashed into an empty police car at 140 miles an hour after a chase. who survived the impact. that is straight ahead at 6:00. >> historic change rocking the catholic church. pope benedict is asking the as well to pray for him pope. the next the address the huge crowd on from st. peter's square from his window. he will appear one more time from that window next sunday. planning to step down february 28. be the first to resign in 600 years. it's olympic sprinter oscar career is on hold as that hes charges murdered his girlfriend. his agent says the double -- has has captured is his putrid track races. bars in south africa police say he shot and killed reeva steenkamp on valentine's day. returns to court tomorrow. his agent says endorsement deals yet been affected by
5:52 am
his legal troubles. >> and aerospace company of a job aftert charged with slapping a child on a delta airlines flight. jessica bennett and her 19-year- son jonah were flying 1 their toddler started crying. sitting next to her, joe , of idaho, used a racial slur to tell jonah to shut up and then slapped the child. bennett said that he reached of alcohol. he's charged with assault. his lawyer says he will not plead guilty. >> it's 5:52. nothing makes you want to turn around and walked into the house temperatures. olive just barely went outside to use the back from. >> she said, i will hold it. outdo i really have to get
5:53 am
bed? get going. it's going to be a great day. might be cold, but it will good as the sun up at 6:55. we are continuing to gain some light. 24 degrees is our temperature. the wind chill is at 16. industrial coal. put the sweater on a dog. it does feel cold. it feels like 12 in martinsburg, and nine in winchester. temperatures are colder this with yesterdayd time by about 5 10 degrees on feeling theyou are difference. up,y time the wind picks you feel the wind chill factor. 34 yesterday. our average high today is 48 degrees. will stay shy of that by about 5 degrees or 10 degrees. high-pressure in control today. it will slide to the east and
5:54 am
for a cold front approaching from the west. today we will stay clear day.ghout the increasing.louds tomorrow morning, some moisture will slide in. mixill likely see a wintry morning, but it will change very quickly to in the afternoon. -- rain. it will be gone by the drive tomorrow. sky is will clear and it will be blustery and cold on wednesday. today, skies, a 38-42 degrees. clouds start moving in today and late. a wintry mix to start tomorrow. rain for the afternoon. breezy point much colder for the middle of the week. going to be colder than average. winter, finally. how about traffic? jamie sullivan, good morning. >> we have a few issues. 95 northbound pat corrales road,
5:55 am
restrictions because of an with a tractor-trailer possibly. hov restrictions listed on 95, 95, 66. looking good on in down 66, no problems on the toll road. beltway virginia, no problems. maryland is up to speed. no delays. in gaithersburg, prepare to five cedar avenue with an accident. avoid that area. back to you. >> thank you. a new take on an old dance is up the music charts and viral on the internet as well. >> hundreds of students at lastiana state university week got to do their version of shake.lem over the weekend, the song "race thehe top" of itunes
5:56 am
top of itunes'e list. per day are being up loaded. >> it seems like a completely different dance from the old one. i'm not sure why they are being compared. now, 23 degrees. >> hundreds of items belonging kennedy have new owners. much aow
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a texas community came together to honor the two firefighters who died in a line of duty. >> hundreds of people gathered that candlelight vigil for .he tenant pacard the gregory after authorities said the roof of a burning building of them.of top other firefighters are expected to but are survive. be monthssay it could until they know what sparked the fire. hundreds of items once owned by hasident john f. kennedy just been auctioned off. his air force one bomber jacket for at least
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